A strong pendant system - the OndaScope 600.

Powerful - with the OndaScope 600 you can lift very heavy loads in the operating theater which eases the workload of the medical staff. You can use the OndaScope 600 to easily guide or lift anesthesia machines or bulky endoscopic carts. Equipped with pneumatic brakes, the pendant support system offers a high degree of safety for the medical staff and patients alike, since the extension arms of the system lock in the correspondingly set position.

OndaScope 600:

  • designed for loads up to 964 kg
  • swivel angle: 340 degrees
  • extension arm of extruded aluminum

Advantages of OndaScope 600:

  • Two-arm systems allow extensive movement ranges.
  • No tangled cables at the workstation: spacious accommodation for internal supply lines.

Ondal tip:

The OndaScope 600 can be combined with a Multimovement Pendant of the 85/90 or 200 series, the OndaSpace and also with the OndaScope 400. Ondal can also include the Service Head M6 to hold and supply the equipment with gas, power, or data.

Validation of final product after combination with OndaScope 600 is customer´s responsibility.