Ondal, developer and manufacturer of high-quality electromechanical equipment

Ondal Medical Systems - its product range at a glance

Pendant systems for medical and industrial applications
This product division has evolved to become Ondal's largest division by producing systems through customer-focused product development. Ondal Medical Systems GmbH is a reliable partner for Pendant systems with a load capacity up to 964 kg for medical and industrial applications. Ondal is also the number one choice among qualified developers when it comes to customized solutions and applications for medical equipment.


Ondal - numbers and facts:

  • 450 employees
  • Located in Hünfeld since 1945
  • Has been a legally independent unit of Wella AG since 1995
  • The Ondal Group has been a part of Findos Investor GmbH, an investment company located in Munich, since 2007
  • The Ondal Group has been a part of Capvis, an investment company located in Switzerland, since 2012

The Ondal Group - naturally certified and tested

The Ondal Group:
DIN EN ISO 14001DIN ISO 50001
Medical Technology:
DIN EN ISO 13485Annex II of the 93/42 EEC Directive