VALiA® - The New Standard


Today is the day: VALiA S, the new pendant system developed by Ondal Medical Systems, goes into manufacturing production. From this day forward in hospitals and doctor's offices around the world, OR lights, displays and other medical devices will be positioned safely and reliably with VALiA.

The new standard

VALiA S is the natural next step of the most successful pendant system of all time, the Ondal ACROBAT. Hundreds of thousands of references in hospitals around the globe served as an incentive for us to develop a worthy successor. With VALiA, Ondal relied on customer and end user feedback to develop a product that meets current and future needs of highly productive operating rooms. Never before has a pendant system been this easy to use and this reliable. VALiA is the new market standard.

Advantages with system

VALiA was designed from the ground up as system solution. That means that you can configure your tailor-made VALiA S system depending on the project or the unique requirements of the application.

Would you like to find out more?

On our homepage we have prepared further information about VALiA. You will find it here.