A centrally controlled supply system - the central axis from Ondal.

The central axis from Ondal provides your customers with the use of numerous pieces of equipment from one central location while conserving space and resources.
The central axis accommodates all the vital pieces of equipment within the sterile zone above the operating table as a primary pendant support system. Flat screen monitors, surgical cameras or lights - for your customers you can connect it all to one single ceiling-mounted supply connection, adapted to the corresponding application.
Ondal offers an extra long central axis especially for hybrid operating-theaters, which is suspended outside the sterile zone and it can be easily swiveled in to the operating area as it features a wide radius.

Central Axis:

  • can be combined with ACROBAT 2000, 3000 and OndaSpace spring arms
  • designed for loads up to 90 kg 
  • single to four-split models available with 700, 850, 1,000 and 1,150 mm extension arm lengths, 
  • single to double-split models available with  1,300, 1,450, 1,600, 1,750, 1,900, 2,050 and 2,200 mm extension arm lengths (can be combined with the ACROBAT 2000 and ACROBAT 3000)

 Advantages of the Central Axis:

  • Rotary movement without limit stops with fail-safe power supply and signal transmission possible due to nine-pole current collectors
  • Higher safety level and easier to clean the equipment due to interior cable routing
  • Individual extension arms can be equipped with anti-twist safeguards to protect the interior supply lines

Ondal service:

Ondal offers a number of configuration options, so that the central axis can be perfectly set up to satisfy the corresponding customer needs in terms of functional and spatial requirements.


Validation of final product after combination with Central Axis is customer´s responsibility.