CEMOR - Monitor carrier systems - supporting diagnostic imaging

Solutions for one up to eight flat screens

The CEMOR monitor carrier systems from Ondal are used with imaging systems for radiology, cardio-vascular investigations, hybrid operating rooms, and for endoscopic surgery. Thanks to their flexibility, a solution can be configured for any desired flat screen application. With adaptive monitor mounting, it is even possible to put together 4x, 6x and 8x combinations with flat screens from different manufacturers and in different sizes, as well as to mount large screens individually.

Carried by the height adjustable pendant systems from Ondal, the CEMOR monitor carrier systems can be easily moved about in space and optimally positioned.

Advantages of CEMOR monitor carrier systems

  • Flexible positioning at the treatment area due to the combination with the pendant systems MediLift or Spaceport for an optimal view zone
  • User-friendly operation of the brake and up/ down buttons from the front or from the side
  • Safe: Cables are routed from the ceiling through the pendant system and the monitor carrier to the flat screens: This makes cleaning easier and prevents unintentional disconnecting
  • Tidy design: Without visible cables the system looks neat and tidy.

Validation of final product after combination with CEMOR is customer´s responsibility.