A modular expert - the Service Head M6 from Ondal.

Maximum supply capacity on a minimum of space - that's the benchmark the M6 supply unit from Ondal. The unit consists of six modules: the gas and electric modules, a multi-purpose rack, trays, IV accessories and the base. These unit components help your customers from any medical field to optimally organize and design their workstation.

Service Head M6:

  • Equipped with electric outlets, gas outlets, and data sockets in conformance with national standards of the respective location.
  • Available in models that can be individually fitted with, for example, docking stations, small support arms to carry monitors or multi-purpose racks, trays for surgical instruments, or drawers.
  • SurroundLED F: Integrated in the bottom of the Service Head dimmable LED lights serve as an indirect light source in the OR and as an orientation aid for medical staff in the ICU.

Advantages of Service Head M6:

  • Modules positioned at each side allow access to the gas and electric outlets from either side.
  • Freely variable positioning of the multi-purpose rack allows variable height- and direction-adjustment of the trays.
  • Braking action is indicated by the color of the button in coordination with the corresponding bearing.
  • The Ondal cable guide helps managing even the most intricate cable routing tasks without any problems.

Ondal Service:

Available from Ondal as an additional M6 supply unit component: docking equipment cart, IV poles, drawers and attachments for flat screen monitors and lights.
The Ondal Pendant Manager software assists you in the configuration of the Service Head M6 with its many variants.


Validation of final product after combination with Service Head M6 is customer´s responsibility.