Reliable "routinier" - the ACROBAT 2000 from Ondal.

Smoothly and easily moved around - for many customers the ACROBAT 2000 is a constant companion in the work they do. It is a system designed to support cameras, monitors, lights, and therapeutic equipment that needs to be moved around easily.


  • designed for loads up to 21 kg 
  • three-, five-, seven-, or nine-pole plug-and-socket connection
  • 330-degree swivel angle of support arms with anti-twist safeguard due to interior supply lines

Advantages of ACROBAT 2000:

  • Three-, five-, seven- or nine-pole plug-and-socket connections provide for the smooth rotation of all attached equipment without any stops while supplying power and transmitting signals.
  • Equipped with a precision parallel guide as a standard feature to ensure the uniform alignment of terminal equipment. 
  • Variable height adjustment options of the limit stop prevent the system from bumping against the ceiling.
  • Available with customer-specific colors and designs.
  • ACROBAT  LCH (Low Ceiling Height) can be configured for rooms with low ceilings as a special solution; however, it is not equipped with a parallel guide

Ondal service:
Ondal offers a broad range of connection elements such as brackets and monitor fittings to connect terminal equipment to the spring arms.
Ondal also gladly customizes adapters according to individual customer preferences.


Validation of final product after combination with ACROBAT 2000 is customer´s responsibility.