Flexible lightweight - the ACROBAT SWING from Ondal.

Perfect ease of movement - the ACROBAT SWING from Ondal is a flexible pendant support system for lighter loads. It has been designed as an agile aid for diagnostic, surgical and therapeutic applications and can be used as a ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted or freestanding unit. The ACROBAT SWING supports examination lights, medical cameras or light therapeutic equipment.


  • designed for loads up to 6 kg
  • 360-degree swivel angle of spring arms 

Advantages of ACROBAT SWING:

  • Three-pole commutators ensure that the rotation of all attached equipment and lights is carried out smoothly, without stops.
  • Interior cabling reduces potential trip hazards and lets you clean the system more thoroughly.
  • Fine adjustment of the pendant support system to the corresponding weight is possible without time-consuming disassembly.

Ondal service:

Please keep in mind that all standard products from Ondal can be adapted at any time according to individual customer preferences. The ACROBAT SWING, for instance, can be produced consistent with your specific corporate design.


Validation of final product after combination with ACROBAT Swing is customer´s responsibility.