Movement Technology for flat screen monitors and OR lights: the OndaSpace from Ondal.

Compelling versatility - OndaSpace, for a high score from your customers.
The OndaSpace easily supports monitors and lights as a ceiling- or wall-mounted system.


  • designed for loads up to 40 kg 
  • more than 360-degree swivel angle of support arms
  • 330-degree swivel angle of support arms with anti-twist safeguard due to interior supply lines
  • three- or five-pole plug-and-socket connection
  • height lock in two different positions


Advantages of OndaSpace:

  • Built-in assembly panes to allow for pulling in the cables onsite without any problems.
  • Straight version of the OndaSpace for low ceilings is also available. 

Ondal service:

For the adaptation of equipment carriers for monitors are available as for example the VarioView from Ondal.


Validation of final product after combination with OndaSpace is customer´s responsibility.