The uncompromising safety features

VALiA was designed with safety in mind. Minimizing assembly errors and preventing collisions were key goals during the product development process. Once again, VALiA delivers a better user experience than ever before.



The Click&Safe mechanism prevents assembly errors by adhering to the poka-yoke principle. An audible click and a visible indicator signal that the spring arm has been correctly inserted into the extension arm. Furthermore the joint covers can only be installed if the spring arm assembly is correct. Thanks to Click&Safe both the initial installation and future spring arm replacements become a breeze. The installation is so easy that one person can do it.

Collision protection

In the past, ceiling system collisions were inevitable. Now, with VALiA, collisions with walls and ceilings are easily prevented, because VALiA has two horizontal stops and a continuously adjustable height stop. During the initial installation the system can be configured so that it will never touch walls, ceilings or other medical devices.


Safety Covers

The plastic components included in VALiA systems are of the highest quality. They fit perfectly and snap reliably. Furthermore some covers are screwed together which ensures, that they stand even hardest collisions.