"Clinically clean" is the benchmark of surface treatment by Ondal.

Our surfaces satisfy your medical standards.

The ability to disinfect surfaces and thus maintain sanitary conditions plays a vital role in addition to the visual appeal of medical products.
For surface treatment and finishing processes at Ondal, the paint quality and the ability to clean the surface are of prime importance. We are committed to meet the highest standards of quality here.
How we meet these requirements:

  1. We can guarantee the optimal paint adhesion for powder coat and wet paint applications due to our cleaning system that is free of waste water.
  2. We apply two processes for coating metal or plastic parts:
    powder coating
    wet painting
  3. We test all our colored surfaces for smoothness, structure and effect of the finish prior to introducing these to the examination of resistance to disinfection agents. The tests we conduct after the coating process
Powder coating
Wet painting
Cleaning system