Surgical medical display solutions

Surgical medical display suspension systems

Surgical medical displays are located near the sterile field and provide the surgeon with all the important information needed to work on the patient. Ondal’s medical display suspension systems are easy to position to guarantee the optimal line of sight for the surgeon. As an added benefit, our systems are designed to make cleaning as simple and effective as possible.

Vista Single | Vista Dual

Max. Tilt angle: +10°/-60°.
Handle: 1. removable / sterilizable handle 2. handle for sterile disposable rubber cuffs…

VarioView 32 for up to 1 x 32'' medical displays

Max. tilting angle: +90°/-30°
Handle(s): removable, sterilizable
Arm reach: up to 3200 mm (126 in)

CEMOR A1-N for 1 x to 24'' medical displays

Max. Tilt angle: 0°- 30
Handle(s): stainless steel, non-removable
System reach: up to 3200 mm

Surgical medical display carrier

Our medical display suspension arm systems for the surgical environment offer a large range of motion and a smooth tilting function, so that the surgical team can position the screen exactly as it is needed. Our systems offer perfect positional stability without drifting. In order to meet the highest hygiene standards, the cables are always routed inside. Excess cables, power supplies or modems can be neatly stowed away in the accessory boxes.

For most applications we recommend our  Vista system:

  • Displays up to 1 x 42" or 2 x 32"
  • Patented, extremely smooth tilting mechanism with a 60° downward tilt angle
  • 360° rotation – 420° optionally possible
  • detachable sterilizable handles or a handle for sterile disposable covers
  • optional cable box(es) on the back
  • easy cable routing

The medical display suspension system can be expanded with sockets and data sockets. The optional "MultiBar" offers a convenient power and data supply for mobile devices close to the operating table, making extension cords unnecessary. This reduces the risk of tripping, increases safety in the OR and speeds up room changes. As alternatives to Vista, we offer the VarioView medical display support with a 90° upward tilt angle and the CEMOR A1-N as a cost-effective entry-level solution for small screens.