Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Compact setup for first-rate patient care

Outpatient Operating Rooms must meet all the requirements of conventional operating rooms but often have significant spatial limitations. Low room solutions and special ceiling solutions for increased functionality in a small space are in demand. To accommodate these limitations, devices should take up minimal space, but offer surgeons the same functionality as larger operating rooms.  Ondal offers low height and multi-arm solutions to increase the productivity of your surgical center.

Central Tandem System: MediBoom XL + VALiA

Our vertical suspension arm system of MediBoom XL + 1-3 central axis
Braking system: friction, pneumatic or…

Triple system

One ceiling anchor instead of three separate suspensions

Configuration for an Ambulatory OR with Low Room Height

Rooms with low ceiling heights require unique organization solutions. The Ondal Medical Systems triple ceiling anchor is the perfect tool in these scenarios. With a traditional central axis, attachments take up a large amount of vertical space. However, with Ondal’s triple ceiling anchor many attachments can be included while still accommodating the limited ceiling height. Our suspension arm systems are durable, reliable, easy to use and recognized for their long service life of more than 10 years.

Configuration for an ambulatory OR with low ceiling height

  • Anesthesia boom:  Our MediSpace mechanical spring arm is easily pulled down for anesthesia supply. When not in use, the system can be conveniently parked on the ceiling to gain valuable headroom. 
  • Surgical boom:  For supplying endoscopy devices, a small M6 Service Head mounted on a VALiA X  spring arm allows the endoscopy equipment cart to be used in different rooms and guarantees quick and easy connection of the devices. 
  • Surgical lights:  Our  LCH (low ceiling height) spring arms, tried and tested for decades, offer full rotation of your surgical lights with an optional, integrated 4K camera.
  • Medical Displays:  The revolutionary Vista Medical Display System works perfectly for medical displays up to 42 inches, with rotation up to 540°. The innovative cable management space allows medical displays to be upgraded at a later date - without installing new brackets and spring arms.
  • Additional power supply: Our unique Multibar (Power bar mounted on Vista) provides power in the center of the OR, eliminating the need for extension cords, increasing staff safety and efficiency. 

System Expansion: The triple ceiling anchor also offers a good basis for future system expansions. Adding a large screen, an X-ray protective screen or even a small Service Head at a later date is easily done with only minor interruption.

Configuration Example for an Ambulatory OR with a Compact Footprint

In some situations, the outpatient operating room has little space in its floor area. We have developed special system solutions for this. 

Configuration example for an outpatient OR with a compact footprint

The compact, user-friendly, powerful unit at a glance: 

  • Anesthesia boom: Our MediSpace mechanical spring arm is easily pulled down for anesthesia supply. When not in use, the system can be conveniently parked on the ceiling to gain valuable headroom. 
  • Surgical boom:  If you would like to have the endoscopic devices permanently installed in the room, it is best to use our ceiling supply units with a vertical M20 Service Head with 4-5 shelves in order to have all endoscopic devices safely ready at the operating table.
  • Surgical lights: Thanks to VALiA, the light head is positioned precisely and stably without drifting even after many years. 
  • Medical display(s): Thanks to the revolutionary VALiA plus Vista system, you can easily mount any medical display between  19 inches and 42 inches.

Since there is only one fixation point when using the entire system, a potential risk of collision is almost eliminated. By introducing a complete system, the central axis anchor also brings lower installation costs as well as material savings.