Triple system

At the time of installation, it may not be clear which devices will be installed. By mounting a dual or triple interface panel, equipment can be added at a later time without reopening the ceiling, thereby reducing any disruption in operation. For example, an additional medical display system, an injector, an X-ray shield, or an electrical or data supply can be added at a later time if the configuration is planned ahead at the time of installation.

Advantages at a glance 

  • Extra long arms can be attached at the satellite position
  • Systems with high payloads become possible in combination with the central axis
  • By placing two arms on the same level you save "vertical space" (solutions for low ceiling height rooms)
  • Satellite arms are always positioned higher, and equipped with comfort stops to not collide with the middle arms (intelligent design)
  • Savings in installation cost or upgrade cost, reduced upgrade time, resulting in cost and operational savings for the hospital (thanks to only one ceiling anchor instead of several)
  • Only one orientation point increases ease of use and reduces the risk of collision