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Visionary, self-sufficient, sustainable - Ondal has been producing electricity with its own photovoltaic system since August

The decision was made even before the energy crisis: In November 2021, Ondal held its first serious internal talks about installing its own photovoltaic system. In December 2021, the project was decided.

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First talks as early as 2021:

  • Months before the Ukraine war, rising energy prices were already causing unrest in industry.
  • At Ondal, a reason to act with foresight and in the interest of the environment: In December 2021, it was decided to build its own photovoltaic plant.
  • The system was installed on the roofs of Plant 1 in the spring of 2022 and commissioned in July 2022.
  • The new plant covers 9% of electricity consumption and represents sustainable and clean energy production.

An investment for the environment:

  • With the new plant, Ondal covers 9% of its own energy needs and makes itself less dependent on rising energy prices.
  • The company consumes almost all of the self-generated energy itself.
  • In addition to independence, Ondal is making a valuable contribution to environmental protection with the new plant.