OR: Karolinska Huddinge

Karolinska University Hospital is one of the largest university hospitals in Europe and together with Karolinska Institutet forms the largest healthcare, research and medical education site in Northern Europe. Karolinska University Hospital has 1600 beds, 15,800 employees and treats approximately 1.6 million patients per year.

Project goals: 

  • Selection of ceiling supply units to optimize workplace utilization
  • Ability to stow the system on the ceiling when not in use
  • Easy access to pull down the supply console to swap IV bottles
  • Provision of a large number of gas, electricity and data sockets

Ondal Solutions:

  • 107 x MediLift 210 motorized support arm system
  • Ceiling supply unit with horizontal supply bracket - for plenty of headroom 
  • Wired remote control - for easy up and down movement
  • Gas latches for plugging in the gas hoses accessible from the underside of the service console
  • Standard rails for easy mounting of accessories
  • Adaptation of an examination light, mounted on the upper arm