CT: Mainz University Medical Center

Premiere imaging environment for computed tomography

At a glance:

The world's most modern CT room was created in Mainz with the goal of increasing patient well-being and improving the work environment/workflow.

Project requirements:

  • Patients should find CT examinations more comfortable
  • Staff should be able to set up the systems quickly and easily
  • The workplace should be designed in such a way that the team can work with maximum efficiency (workflow optimization)
  • Optimal positioning of the medical devices
  • Safe working: The equipment should be safe and reliable
  • Best cleaning: The devices should be designed to allow for thorough and efficient cleaning

One of the most modern computer tomographs in the world was put into operation.

A ceiling-mounted suspension arm system for the medical display and injector was installed above the gantry.

  • The cables of the ceiling-mounted monitor system run inside to eliminate tripping hazards and to ensure the best cleaning conditions.
  • A new type of injector system was designed, which offers full rotation of the injector on the spring arm. The range of movement is significantly higher than in systems with a stop or systems with externally guided cables.
  • The spring arms of the injectors are equipped with a (patented) friction brake to compensate for the change in weight when reducing or refilling contrast medium. This feature is unique in the market.

VALiA systems with the best range of motion 

  • With a horizontal reach of up to 3.2 meters and the largest swing angle of 1288 mm (45° up, 70° down), VALiA offers unrivaled freedom of movement. With remarkably low movement forces. This makes the workstation easy to set up quickly by anyone.
  • The newly developed, patented "NoDrift" brake ensures that the equipment remains reliably in the desired position.
  • Adjustable horizontal stops on the axis and infinitely variable height stops on the spring arms can be set so that the system does not come into contact with walls, ceilings or other medical equipment.