Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Suspension arm systems optimized for the MR area

Hospitals are working to become more efficient. Our ceiling-mounted MR suspension arm systems help with this. With innovative Ondal systems, injectors and medical displays can be mounted on the ceiling, preventing tripping hazards. Since the cables from the ceiling run internally through the system, cleaning is made easier and cable protection is increased. Ondal MR systems are planned, assembled and sold exclusively through MAVIG GmbH .

Magnetic Resonance-Capable Suspension Arm Systems

Adjustable or fixed-height suspension arm systems with an arm reach up to 2100 mm (83 in)

Long Range, Perfect Position

Medical displays and injectors can be moved up and down in an extremely large range of 1288 mm (51 in). With a rotation option of up to 360°, systems can be precisely positioned. To ensure maximum safety in the MR room, the systems are equipped with comfort stops. Horizontal stops on the axis and variable height stops on the spring arms can be adjusted so that the devices used are protected against collisions. With the permanent installation of the injector or the medical display in the room, set-up between two patients can be carried out more quickly. Injector or medical display carts no longer have to be looked for in other rooms, optimizing the use of space.