Intensive Care Unit

Early mobilization and lifting of patients

Critical care patients spend most of the day in bed. Maintaining the ability to move is an important measure to minimize consequential risks.

With the ceiling-mounted MediHoist suspension arm system, Ondal offers an innovative solution to support mobilization. MediHoist in combination with a patient hoist allows the patient to be lifted and lowered effectively and safely on the bed or in a wheelchair. With this system, the physical strain on the medical staff is significantly reduced.

MediHoist can also be equipped with an extendable Powerrail. The integrated sockets can be used to supply medical devices that are not permanently in use, such as ECMO devices.

MediHoist Patient Lift

Our suspension arm system for accommodating a patient lift.
Braking system: Friction
Arm reach: up to 1000 mm (39 in)