pCon.Planner Pro

3D visualization tool and planning software

Unser neues 3D-Visualisierungstool und -Planungssoftware pCon.Planner löst unsere Konfigurationssoftware Ondal Pendant Manager (OPM) ab.

Your options with the pCon.Planner Pro
  • It is finally possible to plan entire rooms and several Ondal systems in one room.
  • Plan complete floors and buildings by importing floor plans and simply tracing walls, doors, windows etc. on the floor plan.
  • Import 3D objects (operating tables, anesthesia machines, OR furniture, and much more) and place them in the room for a particularly realistic representation of the entire room.
  • Thanks to a wide range of visualization options, you can present projects realistically and give your customers a much better impression of what a complete room can look like. This creates confidence in the sales process and is a powerful sales argument.
  • Export a wide variety of file formats (dwg, dxf, dwt, 3ds) for your partners (hospital planners, dealers, etc.)
  • Create renderings and animations of the configured rooms
  • Share 3D models for quick viewing in 3D on the mobile device
  • Use the augmented reality function to show our systems life-size in your own premises Inspire your customers by exporting models directly from pCon.planner for AR and bringing them to life in a fun way!
  • Contact us for customization options/your own product catalog in pCon.Planner. We will be happy to put you in touch with our partner EasternGraphics
Training, Licenses and Versions

We will be happy to train you in the functionalities required to draw rooms, configure our systems and position them in these rooms, as well as create quotations and drawings in various formats.

If you would like to work even more intensively with pCon.Planner, our partner EasternGraphics offers in-depth training on special functions (e.g. detailed room design, photorealistic rendering, use of light sources, creation of animations, etc.).

The standard version of pCon.Planner is available free of charge and contains extensive functions.

You can find an overview of which functions you can use with the standard version and for which you may need the Pro version here: pCon.planner_8.9_Editions_en.pdf (pcon-solutions.com) The Pro version is required for the configuration of Ondal systems. However, projects created in the Pro version can also be opened and further processed with the Standard version (except for the configuration of the Ondal systems).

Do you have any further questions? Please get in touch with your responsible contact at Ondal.