Technical Services

Installation and training

Our Technical Service Department is your central point of contact for the installation, repair and maintenance of our suspension arm systems. A long-standing workforce is at your side with excellent product knowledge and to provide training for your team.

System Installation

We manage the assembly of your Ondal systems. Highly qualified and experienced employees will take care of the installation and service of your Ondal products on site to ensure optimal function of your Ondal suspension systems. Should your system ever need to be moved, updated or replaced by a new one, our highly-trained staff will be happy to help you at any time. 

Training Courses

We offer training for: products, maintenance, installation and education. Our highly knowledgable service technicians offer these courses either at your site or in our training rooms. All training courses focus on the assembly, handling and safety-features of our products as well as system maintenance. 

Service Life

Proper care and maintenance ensure a long service life for our products. We are happy to offer regular inspections and an individualized maintenance plan to help maintain high value and functionality of your Ondal system. 

A customer-oriented service concept guarantees the provision of spare parts, to give you the support you need. Our trained service team is always there for you in the event of a warranty claim or repairs that are subject to a charge. Feel free to contact us.