VALiA X Spring Arm + Service Head

VALiA X spring arm + service head is the ideal system for rooms with limited space. The system itself is very slim, but offers a generous range of motion. As a unit for endoscopic workstations, the VALiA X spring arm + Service Head supplies mobile end devices, while a surgical medical display with a size of up to 32 inches can be attached directly to a Service Head. In this way, no additional ceiling suspension is required for the medical display. In the operating room it can be used as a slim surgery supply unit for HF surgery. And in the intensive care unit, VALiA X can be used to supply portable devices (e.g. ECMO) or as a documentation unit. The slim, compact design provides more freedom for the medical staff and patients. The height-adjustable arm system offers a load capacity of up to 110 kg (242 lbs).