Suspension arm systems: medical displays

Our medical display mounts are used in operating rooms, radiology, the intensive care unit, examination rooms and patient rooms.  With support capability for 1 to 8 displays, Ondal can provide all the necessary VESA interfaces. Our medical display solutions offer flexible tilting angles for optimal positioning. Medical display solutions can be combined with height-adjustable, spring and motorized arms and with rigid systems.  Power and data cables are always inside for optimal hygiene. 

Vista for 1 x up to 42'' + Vista for 2 x up to 32''

Max. tilting angle: +10°/-60°
Handle(s): 1. removable / sterilizable handle 2. handle for sterile disposable rubber cuffs 3. non-removable stainless steel handle
Arm reach: up to 3200 mm (126 in)

CEMOR multi-flat screen systems on VALiA X or MediLift 180

Max. tipping angle: without tipping function
Handle(s): front, side and rear
Arm reach: up to 2200 mm (87 in, VALiA X) / 2600 mm (102 in, MediLift)