Ceiling-mounted systems for optimized workflows

Medical displays, injectors and ECG devices are increasingly being mounted on a ceiling-mounted suspension arm system in modern CT rooms. Standing carts and extension cords are eliminated as potential tripping hazards. Accidental disconnection of cables and plugs is also avoided. The intelligent cable routing ensures maximum protection of the cables.

If you have any questions about the following systems, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Vista Single | Vista Dual

Max. Tilt angle: +10°/-60°.
Handle: 1. removable / sterilizable handle 2. handle for sterile disposable rubber cuffs…

CEMOR Smart for 1/2/3 x up to 24'' medical displays

Max Tilt Angle: Non-tilt
Handle(s): Front and side
Arm Reach: Up to 3200 mm (126 in)

X-Ray Protection Shield System

Height-adjustable systems with an arm reach of up to 3200 mm (126 in)

VALiA X Boom + Service Head

Our slim, fixed-height ceiling supply unit
Braking System: friction
Arm reach: Up to 2200 mm (87 in)

Hygienic and Safe

Our closed and smooth surfaces enable efficient cleaning, allowing the workplace to be set up again quickly Ondal suspension arm systems can be configured to accommodate various room configurations, even when several end devices are required. Adjustable horizontal stops on the axis and continuously adjustable height stops on the spring arms can be placed in such a way that the system does not come into contact with walls, ceilings or other medical devices.