Digital X-Ray

Flexible & easy medical display handling

Wall- and ceiling-mounted medical display suspension systems are the standard in digital X-rays. Cabling runs inside the carrying system, reducing tripping hazards and improving hygiene.

If the medical display system is mounted on a ceiling rail, the hoses and cables are often used in a drag chain system. With a system configured with a suspension arm range of 2100 mm (83 in), the entire range of X-ray examinations can be performed while standing, sitting or on a table. The precise positioning of the medical displays is extremely easy with the CEMOR Smart medical display support. 

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Digital X-ray medical display system on ceiling rail

Height-adjustable system with arm reach up to 2100 mm (83 in)

CEMOR Smart for 1/2/3 x up to 24'' medical displays

Max Tilt Angle: Non-tilt
Handle(s): Front and side
Arm Reach: Up to 3200 mm (126 in)