Device-mounted medical display supports

Our urology solution consisting of the CEMOR-Smart medical display support and VALiA suspension arm can be mounted directly on your urology examination device. Workplaces can be set up quickly and easily thanks to the all-around handles and the ease of movement of VALiA. With the friction-based mechanical suspension arm, there are no brakes to release, helping to keep your system maintenance-free for years to come.

With different ranges from our modular system, we can equip your urology systems individually to give your device maximum flexibility.

We are happy to adapt our standard suspension arm systems for your individual solution or design a new system for you. We look forward to connecting with you.

Device-mounted medical display systems

Max. tilting angle: +10°/-60° or +90°/-30°
Handle(s): dependent on medical display bracket

CEMOR Smart for 1/2/3 x up to 24'' medical displays

Max Tilt Angle: Non-tilt
Handle(s): Front and side
Arm Reach: Up to 3200 mm (126 in)