ICU Surveillance

Flexible, effective work stations

Ondal offers a wide range of ceiling-mounted solutions for equipping an ICU workstation, from slim systems like the Straight Tube or the VALiA X system to high-end solutions like a MediFamily system in friendly colors with indirect light, integrated MediSound system and examination light or a medical display directly on the intensive care bed. With Ondal ceiling supply units, you can design the ideal critical care space, streamline workflows and provide the best patient care.

Tandem VALiA X/VALiA X + Service Heads

Our slim, fixed-height tandem system of VALiA X for monitoring and VALiA X for supply
Braking system: friction

MediBoom/MediBoom + Service Heads

Our classic tandem system of MediBoom for monitoring and MediBoom for supply
Braking system: friction, pneumatic,…

Tandem MediBoom/VALiA X + Service Heads

Our tandem system of VALiA X (V) for monitoring and MediBoom (M) for supply
Braking system: friction (v), friction,…

Straight Tube + Service Head

Our slim, rigid column for attaching supply units
Braking system: friction

Ondal ceiling supply units

Ondal ceiling supply units are configured according to your needs:

  • Range
  • Braking systems (friction, pneumatic, electromagnetic)
  • Number and location of gas, electrical and data connections in the utility panel
  • Adaptation options  for required accessories and devices, such as
    • infusion pumps
    • ventilators
    • vital signs displays

More and more intensive care units are designed to be calming, less clinical and to minimize the  stress level of patients and family members. The following Ondal ceiling supply units support a modern yet calming ambience: 

  • SurroundLED: The  indirect lighting offers the staff safety and comfort for patients
  • MediSound System:  Playing your favorite music via Bluetooth can have a positive effect on recovery
  • Mobility of suspension arm systems:  Nursing staff and family members can establish physical contact with the patient and to provide emotional and physical support.


Systems enhanced with friendly colors