Anesthesia Supply

Optimal working environment in anesthesia

The anesthesia workplace is characterized by a high density of equipment, which poses a major challenge for both the patient and staff. The anesthetist needs clear access to the patient's airways as well as numerous other devices to monitor vital signs, blood gases and body temperature. Our anesthesia ceiling supply units contribute greatly to the organization of the workplace. 


Our spring arm distribution system for supplying anesthesia machines, endoscopic/surgical equipment carts and heart/lung…

MediBoom XXL + Device Lifter

Our ceiling supply unit for docking and lifting anesthesia machines or endoscopy towers.
Braking system:…

MediLift 210/250 (motorized) + Horizontal Service Head

Our motorized ceiling supply system with horizontal supply bracket.
Braking system: friction, pneumatic or…

Straight Tube + Service Head

Our slim, rigid column for attaching supply units
Braking system: friction

Best working environment in anesthesia

Our ceiling supply units effectively supply your anesthesia machine with electricity, gas and data. Surveillance medical display holders, IV stands or reading or examination lights can be easily attached. Clever cable management ensures that cables and hoses are hygienically stowed away.

The selection of the optimal supply system is dependent on several factors:

  • If an anesthesia machine is shared between several rooms, a system with height adjustment is advisable.  The height-adjustable arm can be conveniently lowered during patient care and stowed out of the way after treatment for an efficient work space.
  • If an anesthesia machine is permanently assigned to an OR, it is typically supplied with either a fixed-height ceiling supply unit with a vertical console or a motorized ceiling supply unit with a horizontal console. Devices no longer need to be plugged in and unplugged, increasing efficiency. 

The objective of every anesthesia ceiling supply unit is always better patient access, more flexible room configurations and a safer working environment for hospital staff. Work spaces can be quickly and easily reset, resulting higher patient throughput. Anesthesia machines with a lifting function have an easily adjustable working height, and also enable easier and faster cleaning