Ceiling Supply Units for Surgery

Best working environment in surgery

Surgical ceiling supply units create an orderly working environment. Thanks to the shelves, drawers, and various accessory storage systems, the staff has better access to the equipment they need. Endoscopic displays, vital sign displays and infusion bottles are optimally accessible to the team at the operating table.


Our spring arm distribution system for supplying anesthesia machines, endoscopic/surgical equipment carts and heart/lung…

VALiA X Spring Arm + Service Head

Slim, height-adjustable system with a small footprint
Braking system: friction
Arm reach: up to 2200 mm (87 in)

MediBoom + Service Head

Our classic fixed-height ceiling supply unit
Braking system options: friction, pneumatic or electromagnetic
Arm reach:…

MediLift 210/250 (motorized) + Vertical Service Head

Our motorized ceiling supply system with vertical supply bracket.
Braking system: friction, pneumatic or…

Surgical ceiling supply units

The surgical ceiling supply unit can be easily and intuitively positioned as desired by the surgeon. By using a ceiling supply unit, the staff has better access to the patient. The team is able to rearrange the room quickly and easily, thereby reducing lead time. Efficiency in the OR is significantly increased.

Overall, ceiling supply units make day-to-day work easier for people in hospitals. By routing medical gases, power and data lines through the ceiling and suspension arm system to the devices, ceiling supply units also create a safer work environment.

Our surgical ceiling supply units include both height-adjustable systems and fixed-height systems:

  • If an endoscopic cart is used in several rooms, the use of an adjustable-height distribution arm is recommended. These systems offer the flexibility to easily position the cart for use and safely move it out of the way afterward.
  • Spring arm based systems are ideal where fast movement is required, particularly in the emergency room. 
  • For devices which remain permanently installed (such as endoscopic devices), a system with a high load capacity and multiple shelves for placing the devices is recommended. 
  • The horizontal range of the suspension arm system is particularly important when surgical ceiling supply units are used in a multidisciplinary manner. This allows the ceiling supply unit to be flexibly positioned around the operating table.
  • Our electromagnetically braked ceiling supply unit can be moved very intuitively. Thanks to the blue and green LED indicators on the bearing units and the blue and green brake buttons, the user always knows exactly which joint is being moved.